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Being aware of the rapidly changing world and the challenging phases that the today’s education has to encounter, we, in this institution dedicated ourselves to the need of complex society which our students will experience tomorrow.

Under the guidance of our Hon.’ chairman Dr. P. Narayana; we began an exciting year at Narayana e-techno schools with great enthusiasm and confidence. Our academic programme is need based education with integrated syllabus.

“Within each student is a “Leader”, a “Robotic Designer”, and a “Global Economist.” “Here We educate students to discover themselves and support them in developing their natural curiosity with innovative ideas and creative interests. It is our responsibility to provide each student to ‘question’, ‘analyze’ and ‘evaluate the answer’. Hence, our teaching environment is student centered.

As a principal, I can assure you that our school will continue to provide all the resources needed for a greater student achievement. Our teaching faculty and staff develop positive, caring and supportive relationship with the students, encouraging an extended family like atmosphere at the school.

“Whatever we have achieved may be trifling but encouraging.
Whatever we plan to attain will be stunning and outstanding

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Vice Principal Name P. YADAGIRI RAO
Contact No. 9912343270
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Contact No. 8688974427
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Narayana e-Techno School,
3-33,Hanuman Nagar,
Chaitanyapuri, Rangareddy,